Author's Biography


Sheilagh Stewart, B. Comm., LL.B., is the author of Stewart on Provincial Offences Procedure in Ontario, Third Edition. Sheilagh is a graduate of the Faculty of Law, Dalhousie Universityand served as an Assistant Crown Attorney, Ontario Ministry of the Attorney General, from 1984 until her retirement in 2017. During that time, she held a number of progressive assignments within the Criminal Law Division.

Sheilagh has presented regularly to prosecutors and enforcement agencies concerning criminal and provincial offences, including the Criminal Code, the Contraventions Act, the Ontario Provincial Offences Act, and the Ontario Highway Traffic Act. She has also presented at provincial, national and international conferences and seminars. Sheilagh has developed particular expertise in driving offences and related provincial laws.

Sheilagh sat on numerous committees in regard to the Provincial Offences Act and related projects and initiatives, including the Law Commission of Ontario’s Project on the Modernization of the Provicial Offences Act. She was a member of a variety of provincial law enforcement committees, including the Provincial Speed Advisory Committee. She is a published author, including numerous papers on drinking and driving-related issues at the international level. Sheilagh travelled to Oslo, Norway in August, 2010 to present papers at the 2010 International Conference of Alcohol, Drugs and Traffic Safety.

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