First, many of our customers have asked whether Earlscourt plans to publish a new edition of Ontario Police Services Act, Fully Annotated, by Paul Ceyssens and Scott Childs. (The last edition of this title was the 2017 edition with the red cover).

We still seem some distance from the replacement legislation, and authors Ceyssens and Childs have written one last edition of their Ontario Police Services Act, Fully Annotated: the 2023-24 ed., which has been printed this July, 2023. Anyone wishing to order a copy can do so under the Legal Text Books tab, send an email request to , or call us. 

This new “final” edition of OPSA should be useable for~3 years, since section 216 of the new CSPA, 2019 provides that complaints made under the Police Services Act and hearings under section 25 of that Act shall continue to be addressed in accordance with the provisions of the Police Services Act as they read immediately before the Act’s repeal (with some qualifications).

Second, authors Ceyssens and Childs are also writing a “first” edition of the Ontario Police Statutes, Fully Annotated, that will include the new Community Safety and Policing Act, 2019, the Special Investigations Unit Act, 2019, & related material. The publication date depends on release of the regulations, and the price is yet to be determined. Please contact Earlscourt if you would like to reserve your copy.