Many of our customers subscribe to our loose-leaf publications Legal Aspects of Policing and Libman on Regulatory Offences in Canada, in some cases for over 20 years. 

The price of loose-leaf updates for these two titles has been frozen again for 2019. The last increase was 2012.

Frequency of updates has also not changed: every 6 months (on average) for Legal Aspects of Policing, and every 5 months (on average) for Libman on Regulatory Offences in Canada. The schedule is not completely precise only because our authors have many other professional demands.

The prices that law publishers charge to maintain loose-leaf subscriptions has obviously become an enormous concern. Our customers tell us that some publishers’ updates are too frequent and too expensive, and continually become more frequent and more expensive. Some of our customers offer examples of updates that are very thin, or contain too much material that is not substantive content (such as changes to a table of cases) and therefore do not provide value. Some of our customers express considerable frustration, and law libraries are now full of cancelled loose-leaf titles.

Earlscourt has long-since responded to these concerns, consistently keeping the annual cost of subscribing to its loose-leaf publications as affordable as possible.  Our customers can reliably budget for loose-leaf subscriptions with affordable updates coupled with a predictable, consistent schedule of updates. We don’t think customers should have to pay an annual cost of over $2,000 to maintain a loose leaf subscription. As well, we do not sell you amendments to tables of cases: for both our loose-leafs, the lengthy table of cases has been on our website for some time, to save cost.

We ask that you not treat all loose-leafs as a bad investment. We think they provide value because their information is typically more current than bound textbooks.

We have also heard the cost concerns, we get it, and we are grateful for your continuing business.