Libman on Regulatory Offences in Canada


By The Honourable Justice Rick Libman, of the Ontario Court of Justice

Price and Updates:

Libman on Regulatory Offences in Canada is a two-volume loose-leaf treatise (approximately 1,200 pages) originally published in 2002, and the definitive text on this important and rapidly expanding area of the law (see Table Of Contents). Written by one of Canada’s foremost authorities on regulatory offences, the encyclopaedic treatment of this area includes the following topics:

  1. Introduction to Regulatory Offences
  2. Overview of the Regulatory Offence in Canada
  3. Legislative Procedural Regimes
  4. Public Welfare Offences involving Mens Rea
  5. Absolute Liability Offences
  6. Strict Liability Offences
  7. The Defence of Due Diligence
  8. Other Defences
  9. Criminal Code Licensing and Regulatory Regimes
  10. Charter of Rights and Freedoms Implications

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This book is an indispensable resource for all those involved in regulatory offences, including Crown and defence counsel, members of the judiciary, regulatory agencies, government, and legal educators.

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Last Update:

Update 34, was shipped December, 2023. It contains a completely updated ch. 7 (The Defence of Due Diligence).

Table of Cases:

The Table of Cases for Libman on Regulatory Offences in Canada is now available online, instead of in the book itself (see link above): The current Table of Cases is up-to-date as of Update 33, which Earlscourt published in November 2022.

The Table of Cases is provided online because Earlscourt wishes to keep the cost of subscribing to its loose-leaf publications as affordable as possible.  Annual loose-leaf maintenance costs have become an enormous concern for purchasers, as this article explains.

Avoiding continued republication of the Table of Cases with every update allows Earlscourt to continue to freeze update prices at $179.95 (plus tax and shipping), and to keep the number of updates to the minimum level required to maintain the currency of the materials. We don’t believe that customers should have to bear an annual cost of $2,000 – $3,000 to maintain a loose-leaf publication.

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